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Meg 2018

A group of scientists studying the Marian Trench meets Megalodon, the greatest hunter of all time. Director: Writers Jona Turteltauba: Dean Georgiaaris (pictured), Jon Hoeber (pictured) Five years ago, naval special forces and naval captain Jonas Taylor faced the unknown danger of receiving Mariana's unmarked trench, forcing him to end the mission and give up half the crew. Although the incident led him to a fire, which cost him dearly during his career, his marriage and any private status were his most well-founded and unsatisfactory allegations of cause - a 70-meter mass attack on his ship, which is estimated to disappear during million years. . However, when a person who succeeds in immersion and paralysis receives a call - by withdrawing the ex-spouse as part of the team -. Whether it is a mission of redemption or suicide, Jonas must overcome his fears and risk his life and the lives of everyone under one question: is that so? Carcharodon Megalodon - the greatest pirate ever - is still alive and hunting?