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Google Classroom

Classroom is free for everyone Google Classroom is a free educational application that allows teachers and students to do without paper. Offered by GoogleLeas, which is a free service for schools, non-profit organizations and almost everyone with a personal Google account, it makes it easier for teachers and students to participate outside of class. This app is available for PC and mobile so you can use any device to access your account and start working on your lessons. The mobile app also allows students to take photos, share files from other apps, and access offline apps.

Everything in the Google classroom starts as a free web server that aims to facilitate the creation, distribution and evaluation of paperless homework. The main goal is to try to share files between teachers and students. To this end, the program combines Google Drive to create and distribute tasks; Google Docs, Sheets and Slides for writing, Gmail for communications; and Google Calendar for planning. (function () {('review-app-page-desktop');}); Like other G Suite apps, Google Classroom is free and you can also focus on using all of these features. Teachers can easily create, collect and mark assignments. Backing up Google Docs is a useful tool for them, allowing easy distribution for all students. For lessons, they can send students a personalized code or import it automatically via the school's domain. They can also track each student's progress on activities and lessons and provide them with real-time feedback. Students, on the other hand, can easily track homework and more because each class they have has their Drive folder. Plus, they can take pictures and increase their workload without much hassle. The mobile version requires many permissions on the devices, and most of you will be limited by the lack of G Suite apps. However, it is a user-friendly application for online school work.