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With PDF readers with many additional Foxit Reader features, especially PDF readers, you can also create, sign, edit, and add PDFs. It works on all operating systems with plugins for different programs in the Microsoft Office suite, which makes it very flexible and useful for anyone who uses this file in a versatile and freemium (function () {('review-applications-desktop-desktop' ) to process. );}); Foxit Reader, developed by a California-based Foxit Software company, has grown steadily since the early versions were characterized by strong performance and lightweight files. This program is a multilingual toolkit that allows users to create, view, sign, edit, and print their PDF files. This is freemium software, meaning you can use it without paying a dime. However, the premium version offers several additional advantages. Note that the free Foxit Reader includes the basics, unless you need exclusive features. Another special feature of this program is its security. It comes with a handy security option with JavaScript to protect you from invalid scripts that transfer data when you use PDFs from the Internet. It also comes with a handy feature for creating PDFs of scanned documents. There is also a browser-style plug-in that can be used to expand the reader functions. In short, this program is one of the best free PDF readers on the market, so powerful, fast and full of features. Confusing UI For those unfamiliar with PDF production, the Foxit Reader UI can be a little overwhelming. On the one hand, it looks a bit like Microsoft Office with a ribbon toolbar, on the other hand it is packaged so that it looks complex and inconvenient. Fortunately, it is easy to understand many of the tools in front of you. You can minimize the tape, reducing clutter on the screen and freeing up space for the PDF files displayed. There is also a full-screen mode that frees you from interruptions and simplifies the situation. In addition, you can minimize the entire program window to the taskbar icon and thus take up less space than the lines in the Windows taskbar. There are also toolboxes that can help you fix security issues for you and your PC, especially if you are working with less trustworthy documents. If you want to use Foxit Reader to view PDFs, it is not difficult to understand the various functions and structure. There are tabs that let you work with multiple files at the same time, and a toolbar that you can use to search through bookmarks and indexes. Other options include creating PDF files that you need to take time to identify. This way, however, you can create fully functional PDF files with built-in Microsoft Office options for the functions you need. Light and full of lightweight Foxit Reader Program tools. The installation file is only 12 MB, which makes it easier to install and open documents. The design also reflects this softness as it isis not equipped with many screens, plugins and credit cards. Instead, all toolbars and tools work for a clear purpose. In this bar you will find utilities for zooming, taking pictures, searching, viewing documents in full screen mode, selecting a text and much more. With this reader you can also annotate your PDF file and add highlights, comments, underscores and comments. Sometimes you want to transfer your PDF file to another application. With this program you can convert your PDF files to various file formats such as text or image files, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, HTML and more. You can also use forms to collect data using check boxes or text boxes. The information collected can easily be shared via email, the Internet or online so that everyone can fill it in with a PDF editor. Then export the data to a format that you can use with other applications. Versatile use This program can be run on Windows and Mac computers. Reader Reader for Windows requires the operating system Windows 7 to Windows 10, while Foxit Reader for Mac requires Mac OS X or higher. Foxit Reader is also mobile. You can run it in a local folder, in the cloud, or on an external drive. This means that you don't have to install it on your desktop, but carry it on a flash drive - the compact function is also useful here. Errors and alternatives The main disadvantage of Foxit Reader is that it cannot display Flash animations and 3D images in your PDF files. In addition, it does not have Optical Channel Recognition (OCR) capabilities, so text in images cannot be recognized. Also read the fine print when installing software or updates. Otherwise, the program may install unwanted free software on your PC or change some of the essential functions of the browser and the desktop. Perhaps the most important alternative to this program is Adobe Reader DC. Thanks to its design, you can view, edit and manage other forms and PDF files, as well as work on all operating systems. Other options you use include Sumatra PDFs, small, portable and powerful PDF readers, and PDF-XChange Viewer, which is feature-rich and free. You can also view the Nitro PDF Reader, which enables collaboration between projects and others, or the STDU Viewer, which allows you to view documents of various formats in one file and make it easier to work with PDFs. In short, Foxit Reader is more than a simple replacement for the Microsoft Reader application. It is very useful in terms of tools and resources, making it ideal for creating and working with PDFs. It is not the only tool of its kind, but it is very good and a powerful suggestion.